About Limestone Baptist

We are a passionate people.

Our vision statement is "A Passion for God, A Passion for People, A Passion to Serve."

These are the foundations for our living a life for Jesus Christ.

Passion for God

Our passion for God is exemplified largely in our passionate worship experiences. Since worship services  are usually the first experience one has with the church, it's important to us to seek to create an environment in worship that provides for an encounter with the living God.

Passion for people

Our passion for people is played out through everyone's involvement in a Bible Study. This is the place where we not only learn about our faith but also where we take care of one another. Our passion for people is also exemplified through our desire for everyone to feel welcome, regardless of background, life stage, ethnicity, or any other characteristic that may describe you.

Passion to serve

Our passion to serve means that we are here to serve one another, both in the church, in our community, and in the world. We seek to provide specific opportunities for everyone to have a place of service.

Check out the additional links provided to learn more about our core values, what we believe, and who we are. We look forward to experiencing a passionate life with you!

Mission Statement:

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