Men's Ministry



Mission Statement:


Limestone Baptist Church Men's Ministry group is a fellowship of men who seek to know Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually, and to seek daily to do His will, by brotherhood, mentorship, fellowship and accountability.


Our Values:


  •   We are committed to honoring our relationship with Jesus Christ above all else and passionately pursuing his purposes for our lives.
  •   We are committed to practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity.
  •   We are committed to pursuing vital relationships with other men to experience community and hold each other accountable.
  •   We, who are married, are committed to loving our wives as Christ loved the church and faithfully keeping our marriage promise.
  •   We are committed to supporting the mission and values of Limestone Baptist Church and consistently giving of our resources and time to build God’s kingdom.
  •   We are committed to investing in and equipping men to be leaders in the home, church and community.


Our Goals:


  •   To pray and lead others to pray for the Will of God.
  •   Organize the ministry and conduct activities and meetings to keep the men in harmony with the Will and Spirit of the Church of Jesus Christ.
  •   Effectively identify and plan activities and classes that will strengthen the men’s relationship with Jesus Christ, and help them identify and --proceed in the direction in which He is leading.
  •   Train and instruct the Men’s Ministry Leaders.
  •   Organize the Ministry to promote men’s enrollment in the Men’s Ministry and LBC, and instruct and promote active participation in other LBC Ministries.


Brotherhood Breakfast:


The purpose of the Men's Pray Breakfast is for men to gather together in order to encourage one another in Christ likeness, to challenge one another in to be faithful in our responsibilities as men, and to intercede for our families and our church.  The Men of Limestone meet every 3rd Sunday at 9:00am for Prayer Breakfast.


Bleckley County Christian Brotherhood BCCB:


The purpose of the Bleckley County Christian Brotherhood are a Christian group of Men serving GOD and HIS SON, JESUS our savior by providing services as needed to both our local and extended community for the sole purpose of the group is to serve GOD and bring glory to HIS kingdom.  The Brotherhood is open to all men of all churches.  Active involvement is characterized by voluntary support of the Brotherhood, including regular attendance at scheduled meetings,  support of and participation in sponsored programs

Mission Statement:


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