The History or Limestone Baptist Church


The history of Limestone Church began in the year of 1833. The church we have now is the fourth building that has housed Limestone since the church was organized.


Limestone was an independent church until the Ebenezar Association was organized. The minutes of the association show that it was organized that year and also show that Limestone was constituted and received into the association on September 24, 1842, with Rev. Wright Lancaster and Deacon Pumel Sanders as charter members. The old association records show that Rev. Lancaster was pastor of Limestone from 1842, when the association was organized through 1853, the last year he is mentioned in the records. If he was the first pastor in 1833 and served continually to 1853, that would be a span of twenty years and would give him the honor of serving as pastor of Limestone longer than any other pastor in the church history.

After having been organized came the selection of a site and the erection of the church. It is said that William Allen drew the lot of land that Limestone is situated on in the land lottery and donated four acres on which to build the church. The Limestone Baptist Church located about five miles from the city limits of Cochran in Bleckley County.


In 1901 the associational minutes show that no services were held at Limestone this year. There are a number of people living today (March 26, 1960) who remember this time in Limestone history. They say the church almost went out of existence at that time, but it was not the will of God or the will of the people for Limestone to die. So they got busy and the church was back in operation the next year. They had a hard struggle for several years as the membership shows.


Somewhere around 1904 there was a baptizing pool constructed right near the run of Limestone Creek just below the Chicken Road side of the next to the church. The waters of Limestone Creek have undoubtedly been used to baptize many a convert of this church through the years. The pool that was built filled up after a few years by the overflowing of the creek and was abandoned, but signs of it were still there as late as 1920.


After this they started using a swimming hole about half a mile down Chicken Road. There are members of Limestone today (March 26, 1960) who remember being baptized at that place. After the pool was built at Bailey’s Park they started using it for baptizing. This pool was fed by live springs and stepping down into that water was like stepping into ice water.


In 1912 services were held twice a month. This year the association was held at Limestone again. At that time the auto had begun to show up on the church yard and scare the daylights out of the horses and mules. This is also the year Limestone moved into a new county. Bleckley County was created by constitutional amendment ratified at the general election on October 2, 1912, when the county split off of Pulaski County. Limestone was then in Bleckley County.


Between 1916 to 1928 many changes were made. They saw the auto replace the horse and buggy and the first bridge built across Limestone Creek. The old auto appeared to have been about four feet off the ground but Limestone Creek got full at times and many people have had their cars stuck in this creek and had to have a team pull them out. One man living nearby practically made a living pulling cars out with an old gray mule.


Before the first bridge was built at Limestone Creek there was a long plank foot-way across the creek for people to walk on and vehicles had to ford the creek.


At about this time, World War I began. The Model T Ford was just becoming popular. Many people remember what a thrill it was to become the owner of one of these cars. They were cranked by hand and at times balky. Sometimes you could crank on one until your tongue hung out without results. Sometimes if they were in a bad mood they would kick back at you. Many people have had their arms broken by one of these cars back-firing while cranking on them.


On a cold (20 degree) night of December 10, 1977, the entire educational building was destroyed by fire with minor damage to the sanctuary. It is believed that the furnace blew up. The sanctuary was saved but had lots of water and smoke damage. The fire departments form Cochran, Eastman, and Hawkinsville assisted. No services were held that day. The deacons met at 4 p.m. at the parsonage to make decisions as to what would be done next. We held our services in the chapel at Middle Georgia College.


In May 2004 the church approved our mission statement: “The Mission of Limestone Baptist Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ and to help them grow in His likeness.


August 2008 marked the 175th Homecoming Anniversary of Limestone Baptist Church.


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